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Rustic Rim Hideaway Cabins

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If there is a particular question, use the handy list below to jump directly to your question, otherwise you can just scroll down through all of the FAQs below.

What are the rates?

Our cabin rates start at discounted rates for one couple staying multiple nights, depending on season:
See the daily, weekly and holiday rates for the cabins

Do you offer AAA/Doctors/Travel Agent Discounts?

Our rates are already deeply discounted for everyone! Being that our rates are already heavily discounted, we unfortunately cannot discount the rates further for special groups. While you can normally anticipate discounts on the nightly rate for reserving multiple nights, your best discounts are found by reserving for non-peak seasons, reserving for weekdays and reserving for weekly stays!

How much deposit do you need?

We require payment-in-full, in-advance, immediately after you make a reservation.
All credit card sales are charged immediately. Prepayment has become the industry standard for travel related reservations. Prepayment helps us reduce no-shows, reduce fraudulent reservations and keep costs down.
Please see the complete reservation policies.

How soon do I need to cancel by?

It's amazing how many times this is one of the first questions!
You may cancel at any time; however reservatations are NON-REFUNDABLE since we do not overbook your cabin (we take your cabin off the market for the nights you guaranteed). We cannot refund unless we are able to rebook your cabin that you had us set aside. We go out of our way to get your cabin rebooked and get a refund to you, but that is not always possible. Sorry, we cannot change (transfer) your reservation dates Exception: If your cabin remains vacant for the dates you have cancelled, we can offer an equivalent number of nights during weekdays in the off-season ONLY.
Remember, we do not overbook your cabin like airlines overbook seats and hotels overbook rooms... we guarantee your cabin. If cancellation becomes your only option, be prepared to either not receive a refund or accept an equivalent number of weekday nights during the off season. There is a 15% charge on all cancellation refunds.
Please see the complete reservation policies.

How many people can I put in a cabin?
(My friends want to come up and join us)

Our occupancy is limited to paid guests... Sorry, no "vistors for the day".
We allow up to 4 persons in each of the 2 BR cabins, and up to 6 persons in the 3 BR cabin.
All kids are included in the cabin occupancy limit.

Do you take one night reservations?

We take one-night reservations only at the last minute for weekends and summer, when openings are available.
Discounted rates are not available for one night reservations.

Can I get in early and stay late?

Sorry... our cabins are rented each day from 3 PM until 11 AM.
We need the limited cleaning time between 11 AM and 3 PM to clean and get ready!
Our check-in is after 3 PM and the checkout is by 11 AM.

I will not be arriving until very late night... can I still check-in?

Our office is open 12 hours a day, seven days a week (usually!), from 8:30 AM until 8:30 PM. If your find you will not be able to check-in between 3 PM and 8:00 PM, CALL and let us know. We can ensure you have good directions and can make arrangements to get you in.

Some of our group is only going to be up one night... then we will have another couple join us...

We do not provide maid or linen service during your stay, so if you end up swapping cabin-mates you need to have them bring their own linens or make prior arrangements with us.

Can I put up a tent or bring my RV?

Sorry, we are not zoned as a campground. We are zoned and approved only for cabin rentals.

How many cabins do you have?

We have two 2 BR cabins and one 3 BR cabin (a total of three cabins)

How close are the cabins to each other?

There are three cabins on one acre, with National Forest at our back door.

Do you have fireplaces?

Yes, each cabin has a very nice fireplace.
See the fireplace on a flagstone hearth

Do you have TVs?

We have a TV in each cabin, with over 65 channels of clear satellite reception. We provide more movie channels than most cable companies!
Satellite TV info You are welcome to bring your own VCR if you wish, but with 65 channels that seems unnecessary!

Do you have a kitchenette?

We have a FULL kitchen with all pots, pans, utensils, dishware, silverware, wineglasses, steaknives, coffee maker, toaster, microwave, full stove-oven and a full size refrigerator. All kitchen provisions are provided clean, shiny, and sanitized. There is also an outside gas grill.

Do you have a Jacuzzi?

Sorry, not at this time... some day we will.

Do you take pets?

We take dogs (sorry no cats or any exotic animals) in two of our cabins (the 2 BR cabins). We also take well-trained children!
Click here for pet policies

Are you on a creek? How close are you to the lakes?

We are not on a creek, but the nearest lake is only a 5 minute drive.
Local forest map (Fairly big image, 408Kb, may take a few minutes)

Do you have bears?

If you're asking if we have a bear problem here, the answer is no. I have only seen one bear here in ten years. We are in the middle of the National Forest, so yes bears are in the area and are generally shy. Most problem bears in other areas have been "humanized" by careless visitors... those thinking that feeding any wildlife is cute or even helpful for them! Remember back in 2000 when there were more bears down in Fountain Hills and Mesa than there were up here? They were famished and looking for any sort of food. Don't feed ANY wildlife with seeds, nuts, or domestic foods... even squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons or birds! Bears, mice and skunks love nuts and seeds as much as birds and squirrels! Remember "food" includes anything including skillet grease, dropped chips, trash contents, etc. We empty your outside trash cans daily (just before dusk) to a locked shed. Feeding animals is the best way for them to lose their fear of humans and become "problems", looking for handouts or becoming "dumpster dumpers"!
YOU can help us ensure there will not be a bear problem here, please pick up food litter behind your kids and adults alike!
Critter Free Campaign

Whats unique about your cabins?

Here is what's unique about Rustic Rim Hideaway

Do you have any referrals?

Notes left from our customers

Are you near Flagstaff?

We are 2-1/2 hours from Flagstaff, 40 minutes from Payson, 1 hour from Show-Low, 4 hours from Tucson and 2-1/2 hours from Phoenix.
Rustic Rim Hideaway area map

Will there be snow there when I'm there?

In Arizona, if you don't like the weather... wait 10 minutes! I could make big buck$ and put a lot of weather forcasters out of work if I could answer that one! I can bet that you will NOT have snow during July and August. Snow season starts maybe late October lasting sometimes through May, with most of our snow coming in January, February and March. Other than that generalization, I cannot predict the weather any better than yourself! Back in the early 1990's it seems we had a foot of snow just about every week. The last couple of years La-Ninja has messed up our precipitation considerably... we hardly had any snow except one huge snowfall each season! If you desire snow, lately its been best to "wait and see", or make a reservation and take your chances that there will be some.
Click here for... What's the Weather Forecast?
(THE weather authority for Forest Lakes forecasts from the National Weather Service)

Will I really need tire chains for the roads if there is snow?

Probably not, but then do you need health insurance? During the winter, you just never know until they're needed. Vicki and I see people out on the unplowed roads in 2WD without chains all the time... but they end up stuck more often than not. Often I see people that never need tire chains to get here, but end up needing them to get home. AZ DPS will not let you drive on the highway during chain restrictions without tire chains (sometimes even with 4x4's), and they are happy to turn you around for your own good. If you are the gambling type you can save $30 on tire chains and bet you won't get turned around or spend $150 on a tow or pull. If you didn't bring tire chains and can't move for the hard pack snow, I'll refer you to the Christopher Creek Garage for a $150 pull... none of the "locals" pull vehicles out anymore because we've all pulled too many bumpers off. Your safest bet is to be prepared and buy tire chains in Phoenix or Payson before you come up... and try them for fit before you have to use them. I personally keep tire chains in both of my 4x4's all winter long... most of the time they never get used, but I have used them a least a dozen times in the past years. Remember that ADOT plows the highways quite well and I have a snow plow for our local road and driveways. Usually it is not the unplowed snow on the roads that is the problem but more likely hard packed snow and poor traction. Also remember that the snow plows can cause the subdivision roads to look "wider" than they actually are, use caution to make sure you don't get into to the drainage ditches hidden by snow on each side of the road! Other things to make your snow visit more enjoyable are a snow-brush/ice-scraper, kitty-litter (for instant traction), a small shovel (just in case) and a cell-phone. Please do yourself a big favor and stay off the unplowed forest roads during the winter! Have I begun to sound like your mother?! Have fun in the snow, we live here year round and don't get stuck... you can visit snow and not get stuck by just being "snow smart".

Do you have ATV/snowmobile/ski/boat rentals?

Sorry no. ATV and snowmobile rentals can be found in the Phoenix Yellow Pages. Boats may also be rented at Woods Canyon Lake.

Are you the cross-country ski shop?

No, we are not affiliated with the Forest Lakes Touring Center at 928-535-4047, which is the ski shop here in Forest Lakes.

Do you have horseback riding and stables?

Sorry no. Kohl's Ranch just 20 minutes from here has guided horseback rides. Sometimes a Phoenix stable operator has horses and guided rides here in Forest Lakes next to Camper's Country Corner during the summer. We do not have any stable facilities for you to bring your own horse to.

Do you have handicap accessible facilities?

Sorry none of our cabins are handicap accessible. Forest Lakes Lodge is the only lodging in Forest Lakes to provide a handicap accessible room.

Do you have running water?

Hee hee, yes we do. We provide "rustic" cabins but not primitive ones! Our cabins are actually very accomodating and the only thing "rustic" about our cabins is the knotty-pine interior, wood-heat in the winter via the wood-burning stove/fireplace, and a 20-gallon hot water heater! Our cabins are inspected yearly by the Coconino County Department of Public Health.

What's all in the cabins?

The whole enchilada.