Top 3 Activities You Can Enjoy in Sitgreaves National Forest

A vacation in this gorgeous national forest is incomplete without these fun activities:

1.      Mountain Biking

Explore the breathtaking mountain biking trails in the forest, which wind through hilly, rocky, and verdant terrain. The Insta-worthy trails will take you through cool pine forests and open grasslands that will take your breath away and offer several opportunities for memorable pictures. Popular biking trails at Black Mesa Ranger District include the following:

Hangman Trail

Travel along a mile of a 2-track road straight to the historic cemetery for which the track is famous. It contains the graves of three men lynched during the Pleasant Valley Feud.

Fisherman Trail

Whether you are a seasoned angler or a newbie, enjoy secluded fishing spots at the end of this picturesque mountain biking trail. It has enough bumps and hills to make the ride enjoyable.

2.      Hiking

Backpackers and hikers can have a great time hiking on the many trails this national forest offers. Popular ones include:

235 Road Trail #502

This popular hiking trail can be found in a wildlife habitat that is closed to motorized vehicles. The best season for this trail is between Spring and Fall.

Bear Canyon Trail

This trail can be found along the western bank of Bear Canyon Lake. Take your fishing gear with you to enjoy hours of fishing. The best season to visit this trail is between Spring and Fall.

3.      Horseback Riding

Get up close and personal with nature on horseback at Sitgreaves National Forest. It’s fun for the whole family. Some of the best horseback riding trails include:

Carr Lake Trail

The trail is approximately 5.6 miles long and ends at the magnificent Aspen Trail. Carr Lake Trail is dedicated solely to horseback riding, so you don't have to worry about your horse getting spooked.

Horse Trap Trailhead

This trail is accessible off FR 237 through the Willow Spring Loop Trail and is supervised by the Forest Service. It's also rarely used, so you can enjoy a private ride with the family.

Besides these, families, couples, and solo travelers can also enjoy hunting, picnics, water activities, and winter sports during their stay. While camping is available, a fully-furnished cabin is a more comfortable alternative especially if you have a family.

Book a Cabin at Rustic Rim Hideaway - Enjoy Sitgreaves National Forest in Comfort

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