Hunters can be considered the backbone of wildlife conservation in the US. Besides providing financial support for wildlife agencies, they also play a crucial role in wildlife management. Maintain ethical hunting practices to respect your quarry.

Top Hunting Ethics for a Sustainable Environment 

Hunting ethics refer to moral standards, values, and principles hunters should follow while pursuing game animals such as deer and elk to ensure they are treated humanely. This includes your behavior with fellow hunters, non-hunters, and the environment. Here are some you should follow:

Allow Fair Chase 

Giving 'fair chase' is a key concept for ethical hunting, i.e., allowing the game a reasonable chance to evade you rather than harassing them with an aggressive chase. Using vehicles, radio tracking collars, and radios is highly discouraged since it does not align with this humane concept. A seasoned hunter who respects the quarry ensures the hunt is as fair as possible.

Focus on Shot Placement 

A well-placed shot is a humane shot. Determine the target's vital areas before pressing the trigger (the heart and lungs). Practice beforehand so your hand doesn't shake as you hold the gun. Don't shoot till you can be confident you won't miss those organs. 

Use binoculars to zero in on the elk or deer and the background so you can ascertain its position. Ensure there is a solid backdrop behind the deer or elk, with no other animal obstructing your view or which can deflect the bullet.

Rest the rifle on wood or anywhere to ensure a steady shot and remove barrel obstructions underneath your line of sight. Get as close to your quarry as you can without alarming it. Restrict the shot at a distance where you are sure you can get a one-shot kill. 

Respect the Environment 

Respecting your environment is also considered an ethical practice for hunters. A healthy habitat is key to a healthy game population, such as deer and elk. If you leave your cabin to hike or have a picnic in the woods, don't cut down trees and shrubs for firewood or litter. The trash can end up in streams which can kill wildlife. Remove trash if you see it, and deposit it in a trash can when you return to your cabin. 

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