Whether you’re a nature lover or not, protecting the planet for future generations should be a priority. So, during a cabin retreat, leave no trace behind of your stay.

How to Make a Cabin Stay Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly cabins offer the best of both worlds; a comfortable escape and a sustainable stay. Here are some ways you can contribute to the latter:

Dispose of Trash Responsibly

Whether hiking, horseback riding, or just staying in your cabin, pack away any trash you produce. Ask the cabin rental service if they will pick up trash every day from your cabin, or if there are trash cans you can use that are emptied regularly. Food and plastic waste can do irreversible damage to the environment and wildlife.

Remember, You Are Just a Visitor

Sitgreaves National Forest is a natural wonder that welcomes visitors in all seasons, but they are just that - visitors. The location offers stunning views, but is also home to flora and fauna. So, while on trails or hikes, respect nature. Stay away from nests or shelters, and keep your distance from wildlife. If you bring pets with you, keep them on a leash and in control.

Leave the areas you visit as you find them so that other visitors can also enjoy them. Your interference or disruptions can cause a chain reaction that can harm the environment. Similarly, do not dig trenches or build structures that can otherwise harm wildlife or disrupt the ecosystem.

Follow Fire Regulations

It doesn't take long for a small spark to become a conflagration. If your cabin has a fire pit or you want to build a bonfire to toast marshmallows, follow local fire regulations to prevent a wildfire. For instance, use sticks for the fire you can easily break with your hands and keep the fire small. 

Make sure the wood burns down to ash and douse it with water to put it out completely before you return to your cabin. Soak the ash in water if you have to and scatter it over a large area.

By following these eco-friendly guidelines, you can reduce your impact on the environment and ensure every visitor can have the same great experience you do.

Book an Eco-Friendly Cabin Retreat at Rim Hideaway

If you want to de-stress away from the city, book a cabin from Rim Hideaway for the perfect vacation. Our A-frame cabins are fully furnished and have a kitchen, living room, and dining area that you and your family will appreciate. Open the back door to marvel at towering Ponderosa pine trees, which Sitgreaves National Forest is known for, and go hiking, fishing, and horseback riding as and when you please.

Book any of our cabins today before slots fill up. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

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