Whether using your iPhone, Android or a DSLR, you can take your vacation pictures to the next level using simple tips. You don’t have to be an experienced photographer to take memorable pictures.

Top Vacation Photo Tips for Insta-Worthy Shots

If you want to use your vacation pictures in your next holiday card, use these family photo tips for the best results:

Use a Few Standard Poses

Whether you have a small or a large family, you will spend more time setting up shots and less time taking them. Your kids may get tired, argue about who gets to stand with mom or that someone was blocking them etc.

So rather than making them pose in specific ways, choose a few standard poses that your family can easily fall into regardless of the location. It will significantly reduce the setup time and result in several Insta-worthy shots.

Wear Contrasting Colors

While beige and brown seem cozy indoors, they can make you and your family disappear in shots with mountains and forests as backgrounds. Similarly, a multi-colored dress will be painful to look at against an equally colorful backdrop.

Keep the location of your cabin and the activities available in mind when choosing your wardrobe. You don’t need a lot of outfits. For instance, choose standard jackets for each child that are lightweight and brightly colored.

Choose the Perfect Lighting

The right lighting is flattering since it is even and soft and leads to natural pictures that need little to no edits or filters. It also prevents shadows and glare from other light sources that may otherwise make your kids squint while posing.

The best time to take pictures is an hour before sunrise. If getting up early is not appealing to your family, you can get the same results an hour before sunset. Cloudy and overcast days also give the best light, which is gentle.

Candid vacation pictures are timeless, but they can be challenging to achieve if you have infants or small children. Use the aforementioned family photo tips to get as many great shots as you can, posed or otherwise. Book your vacation to capture moments with your kids that may never come again.

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