Few things are as charming and timeless as a rustic cabin in the woods. The ultimate nature retreat, these cozy accommodations attract travelers throughout the season, especially those near lakes, skis, and hunting grounds. While a cabin retreat is inviting on its own, those with all the amenities found at home offer a comforting vibe you cannot help but return to.

Top Cabin Amenities in Rental Cabins You Should Look For

The best cabins, such as those available for rent at Rim Hideaway, ensure guests have full use of the following amenities on check-in:

A Fireplace or Fire Pit

What better way to end a day spent in the chilly outdoors making great memories with the family than in front of a warm fire pit? The warm glow of flickering flames and crackling wood creates an ASMR experience that can lull your pooped kids into dreamland. While most cabin rentals offer fire pit accessories, it would be best if you take the following with you to your cabin rental:

●        Stacks of food

●        A toolset for the fire pit

●        Kindling

●        A fire extinguisher

●        Marshmallows and roasting sticks

●        Long matches or a lighter

Besides warming yourself, the fire pit can also be a great meeting spot for guests from nearby cabins. You can use the fire pit to make s’mores and marshmallows or roast meat.

Spacious Kitchen Cabinets

A cabin with spacious kitchen cabinets can give you several storage and cooking options. If you have a large family with small kids, these can save you a lot of time and effort as you try and organize yourself. Keep all designated kitchen items in there, such as pots, pans, utensils, and plates, ensuring they are within easy reach. This includes ingredients that you plan to use for fresh elk or deer meat.

Kitchen cabinets will also protect these items against pests, dust, and dirt, especially in rustic environments.

Private Porch

A private porch in a cabin in the woods is the perfect spot for viewing the local wildlife in its natural habitat. Curl up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate surrounded by all nature offers. It's an ASMR experience that can make your cabin vacation extra special and provide a comfy end to a long day of horseback riding, skiing, and fishing.

Go the extra mile by taking your meals there. Enjoy breakfast while watching the sun rise over towering Ponderosa pine trees, and enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars revealed in all their glory against an inky sky. Take binoculars with you if you are an avid bird watcher or a telescope to chart the stars from your cabin porch.

Book a Rental Cabin at Rim Hideaway Today!

You can find all of these amenities and more at Rim Hideaway. Recharge your batteries in one of our rustic, fully furnished cabins that will be a home away from home. Our cabins are located between Heber-Overgaard and Christopher Creek in the center of the Mogollon Rim Lakes area. Contact us for a booking today!

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