A winter getaway is just what your kids need and what can bring your family closer together during chilly vacations. But entertaining children who usually have their noses buried in iPads is easier said than done.

4 Top Ways to Keep Children Entertained During a Winter Getaway

To ensure your children enjoy their winter vacation in the cabin you booked as much as you will, follow these tips:

1.      Dress Them in Layers

Sick kids are miserable kids, so make sure your children are bundled up sufficiently during your stay and whenever you go outside. Dress them in multiple warm layers and adjust as the weather changes. This includes thermal underwear, sweaters, a coat or jacket, a scarf, hats, gloves, and mittens.

2.      Build a Snow Fort

If it snows heavily during your stay, go outside with your kids and encourage them to build a snow fort with you. When illuminated from the inside, these types of winter activities can provide a magical experience for your children they won't soon forget.

Plan out the whole structure so you can build it quickly as the temperature drops. Draw it out in the snow and then implement it by making snow bricks. Use plastic containers and even a sandcastle kit if you bring one with you. Snow is as dense as sand, especially if it snows heavily. Place the bricks in a staggered formation over each other for extra strength, and pour a bucket of water over the fort to ensure it doesn't melt too quickly.

3.      Take Part in Activities

You don't have to stay in your cabin the whole while. That is the fastest way to get cabin fever which your children won't appreciate. Stave off boredom by participating in fun activities such as hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, or even sleighing.

Book these activities well in advance, so slots are available when you arrive at your cabin, and you don't have to wait. By taking care of bookings beforehand, you can be stress-free and focus on making memories with your family.

4.      Allow Your Kids to Explore

Let your kids be kids during your winter getaway. While keeping them indoors and engaging them in board games and charades may be tempting, it will only make them feel caged in. The purpose of your nature retreat will be lost.

So allow your children to explore the world and forest outside your cabin with you as their escort, of course. Let them climb trees, splash in rivers, have snowball fights, and basically run around and be kids. Support and encourage them so they can make great memories they can look back to fondly.

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