A hunting expedition is futile unless you know your spots and how to track your prey. For example, the key to finding elk is being at the right place at the right time.

Top Tips for Locating Promising Hunting Spots for Elk

Elk are notoriously difficult to find, but you can increase your chances of finding and attracting your quarry using these tips:

Don’t Remain in One Spot Unnecessarily 

If you are hunting during archery season, spend some time cow-calling in a hunting spot with some light bugling. But if no elk shows up for a while, consider leaving the spot for a later time. Your scent will permeate the spot otherwise, which will keep the herd at bay. 

Spend Time Observing 

Very few hunters get lucky on their first expedition. Locating elk will take more time than the actual hunt. Make this task easier by searching for a herd from high ground before it gets dark. You can track where the herd comes from and where it grazes from that spot. 

Don't take your weapons with you during observation, especially during archery season. It can save you a lot of time and discourage hikes. If you don't see the herd for hours, chances are other hunters pushed them out. 

Understand Bull Behavior to Locate One 

During mating season, bulls join forces or corral their own herd of cows. You find the cows, and the bulls won't be far off. But what about after the mating season? If the bulls are already in a suitable location for winter, they will remain there. But migratory bulls may leave for a winter range. 

Bulls also use up a lot of energy during mating season than any other time of year and will often accompany other bulls for protection so they can build their strength for the winter. When they break away from the herd, they usually look for hidden grazing ground with plenty of grass and water nearby. These areas can be difficult to navigate, which makes them ideal hunting grounds. Bulls will often remain in these areas for weeks getting stronger.

Elk hunting can be challenging for novice hunters, but you only need to understand your quarry to locate them and the areas they frequent. Ask seasoned hunters for more tips for a successful hunting season yearly. 

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