Family vacations are wonderful if you want to strengthen your ties with your kids and partner. But planning them can be quite stressful as well. The last thing you need during this time is awkward interactions and arguments.

The Best Ways to Make a Family Cabin Vacation Comfortable and Memorable

Follow our guide to make the most of your family cabin vacation:

Look Up the Amenities Beforehand 

Check out the amenities beforehand to ensure you get a cabin that can be your home away from home. These can vary depending on your budget and the location of the cabin. The cabins at Rustic Rim Hideaway are equipped with all the amenities that make for a comfortable getaway. These include:

  • Electricity

  • Accommodation for four to six guests (depending on the cabin you choose)

  • A porch

  • A fireplace

  • Outdoor grill

  • Satellite television

  • Fully equipped kitchens

And more!

Decide the Type of Experience You Want 

Go with something other than what your neighbors or friends recommend. Decide the type of experience you want during your cabin vacation by bringing the family into the decision-making process. Ask them what kind of activities they are interested in. Some may like to go hiking or horseback riding, while others may be more comfortable indoors.

Create a plan that incorporates all their interests so everyone can be happy. For example, you can spend the morning doing outdoor activities and the evenings indoors reading, watching movies, or playing charades. 

Decide What You Should Bring

Packing for a cabin is similar to packing for a camping trip minus the weather-proofing gear and tents. Here are some basics you should consider bringing with you:


Most cabin rental places provide their own bedding and linens. But if you are more comfortable using your own, you can bring those too or some sleeping bags. Or contact the cabin rental service to confirm if they provide bedding. All cabins at Rustic Rim Hideaway had spacious bedrooms with bedding, linens, and options for extra guests. 


If you plan to take your family fishing, swimming, or any other water-related activity, bring extra towels you can take with you. Make the experience as comfortable as possible. 


A cooler can keep your food and the game you hunt nice and fresh before you cook it in the kitchen in your cabin. It can also keep your drinks chilled when fishing on the lake or lounging in front of the fireplace. 

Book a Fully Furnished Cabin at Rustic Rim Hideaway 

Whether you want a memorable cabin vacation with family or with your partner or friends, the cabins at Rustic Rim Hideaway are a great choice. We are located just a few hours from Phoenix and back up right against Sitgreaves National Forest. Find great fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities nearby.

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