If you love the great outdoors and the comforts of home but are unsure whether you should set up camp in a tent or rent a cabin, the latter wins hands down. Some people swear by camping, but many are now shifting their interests to cabins for several reasons.

Top Reasons Why Renting a Cabin Is Better Than Setting Up Camp

Here are just of the reasons renting a cabin in a forest retreat such as Sitgreaves National Forest is a good idea:

1.      Spacious Accommodations

A tent has barely enough space for you and your stuff, much less your partner's or family's luggage, so you cannot invite more people. On the other hand, a cabin is almost as spacious as the average home, giving you more room for board games, cards, and a range of other indoor games you can enjoy with your family. These cabins also have separate rooms so you won't feel cramped.

2.      Ideal for Long Vacations

Unlike a small tent with next to nothing in terms of amenities, a fully-furnished cabin at Rim Hideaway offers all you need to make your trip relaxing and fun. Your cabin will feel like a home, complete with a kitchen, living room, private porch where you can invite guests for drinks, a bathroom, and a wood stove fireplace. Some even have a horseshoe game set you can play with the family. Spend weeks or days in the cabin of your choice without feeling uncomfortable.

3.      Structurally Sound

A strong breeze or surprise storm can easily blow your tent and belongings away, leaving you drenched and miserable. Compared to these, a sturdy log cabin offers the same shelter your house does. It has a solid foundation, walls, strong roofs, and windows that won't shatter easily.

4.      Access to Electricity

One of the things a tent doesn't have, which cabins provide, is electricity which powers amenities such as a refrigerator, coffee pot, and other items on offer. Plus, while your aim may be to unplug and unwind, you can also charge your phone and other devices if you need to stay in touch with your family.

These were just some of the reasons why a comfy cabin is better than a tent if you are traveling with family.

Book a Cabin at Rim Hideaway Today!

If you are searching for rustic yet comfortable accommodations near Phoenix where you can have fun with the whole family, look no further than Rim Hideaway. Our cabins are between Heber-Overgaard and Christopher Creek, with Sitgreaves National Forest as our backyard. Marvel at majestic and aromatic ponderosa pine trees, fish in sparkling lakes in spring, and hunt deer and elk in the fall. We are surrounded by natural beauty.

Our cabins are accessible all year round and can be accessed via well-maintained roads, even if it is snowing heavily! Each boasts all the comforts of home, so you can rest assured your stay with us will be comfortable and enjoyable. Contact us to rent a cabin today and ask us anything you need to know about the Rim Hideaway experience.

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