Is your little girl sleeping with her iPad instead of a teddy bear? Does your toddler throw a fit if you refuse to give them your smartphone? When kids are left with technology with no limits, they abuse it to their detriment. The good news is that you can reset that mindset with a screen-free cabin vacation in the woods.

Top Reasons Why Your Cabin Vacation Should Be Screen-Free

Here are some of the best ways your children will benefit from a screen-free week:

1.      It Will Allow Their Brains to Cool Down

Excessive screen time overloads the brain with dopamine and adrenaline. While these are fine in small doses, they can harm young minds. Since kids can spend hours gaming online and watching videos, the effect can be catastrophic down the line. A screen-free weekend in the middle of nature can heal and reset their brain.

2.      Reset Family Priorities and Bonds

Face-to-face conversations are rare now. We spend more time scrolling through our Facebook and Instagram feeds than interacting with our family, even during dinner! A week in the woods without a screen will allow you and your children to reconnect. Strong family connections are key to health and success for children down the line.

3.      Children Rediscover the Joy of Real Play

Screenplay doesn't have nearly the same benefits as real play, i.e., play in the real world. The latter is an important biological process that can only occur in a three-dimensional life rather than in virtual reality. It involves interactions with hands, physical activity, exploration, and creativity that screen time cannot provide.

Sure, they can build literal worlds in Minecraft, but such games are incomparable to the outdoors, where your kids can jump around in the dirt, play tag, explore nature, and more.

4.    Gives Children Opportunities to Explore Their Interests

Give kids an iPad, and three hours will go by without them moving from their spot. The danger lies in not only what they are doing in-game but what they are being deprived of, such as new skills, daydreaming, exploring, reading a real book, etc.

Gaming reduces their motivation for such productive pursuits. A screen-free weekend complete with horseback riding, skiing, and more will allow them to be kids again!

Ditch the Screens and Reconnect with Your Kids in a Rim Hideaway Cabin!

Every child deserves a carefree childhood. But with excessive screen time, that is easier said than done at home. Book a screen-free holiday in one of our fully furnished cabins at Rim Hideaway. It may be just what your family needs to reconnect and help your children be kids again. Once they see what life is like beyond an iPhone, they may never want to hold one again!

Contact us to book your cabin today!

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