If you want a screen-free vacation for the kids where you can strengthen family ties, a Rustic Rim Hideaway cabin has your name on it. 

Top Tips to Keep Cabin Fever at Bay and Bond with Your Family on Vacation 

Make the experience special and get lasting memories with these family bonding tips that can keep cabin fever at bay:

Bring Board Games with You 

Don't knock these till you’ve tried them. Even if your kids roll their eyes and drag their feet, show them how fun these can be, and they will dive right into them. These will be invaluable if it is raining or snowing heavily outside, and you need to keep the family entertained.

Younger kids will appreciate these board games:

  • Memory

  • Operation 

  • CandyLand

  • Trouble

  • Jigsaw puzzles

  • Puzzles

Older children or teenagers can really get into these games:

  • Chess

  • Scrabble

  • Monopoly

  • Trivia games

  • Dungeons and Dragons

Learn the rules as a family and play as a family to strengthen your bond. 

Cook a Meal Together 

A home-cooked meal made as a family just tastes better and forges family ties. If your cabin has a kitchen or outdoor barbecue grill, such as the ones available at Rustic Rim Hideaway, involve everyone in meal prep and cooking.

Make it a fun activity so your kids can learn a new skill while bonding with you. The food doesn't have to be Michelin-star. Forgive crunchy bits, burnt or uncooked food (they are kids, after all) so you can have a fun bonding experience. Who knows? The activity may encourage them to learn the skill further. 

Have S’mores around the Fireplace 

There is nothing quite like toasting delicious s’mores in front of a warm fire with your family surrounding you.

Kids of all ages usually love the gooey marshmallows, so you can entice them into the activity easily, especially after a long hike. Share your experiences and stories around the fire and take pictures to immortalize the moment. 

Take Long Nature Hikes 

Your cabin at Rustic Rim Hideaway is near several gorgeous hiking trails you can enjoy with your family, so you will be spoiled for choice. Whether your children get bored easily or have too much screen time, some exposure to nature will clear their minds and help you bond. 

It's perfect, really, since hiking forces you to step away from technology and let nature be your entertainer. Make sure your kids aren't tempted to reach for their phones with activities such as bird watching or an impromptu race. 


Enjoy Family Time in a Rustic Rim Hideaway Cabin!

A cabin in the woods is the perfect retreat for families with children who want to strengthen family ties. Book a cabin at Rustic Rim Hideaway the next time you take a vacation. Enjoy fishing, horseback riding, skiing, and more. Contact us for queries or to book your cabin. 



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