A cabin vacation should be worry-free to be truly relaxing. An injury, accident, and other unforeseen circumstances can prevent that. Use these tips to keep yourself and your family safe during your nature retreat in the woods.

Top Safety Tips for Your Cabin Vacation in the Woods

Use the following safety tips to make sure your family has a great time during your cabin vacation and remains injury-free:

Child-Proof the Cabin

Toddlers love to explore and will make the cabin their playground. The cabin won't be child-proof, but you can take measures to make it so. Block off certain areas, such as stairs and the kitchen, and cover all outlets. Invest in safe car seats for your children as well, especially if you need to drive off-road to get to your cabin.

Park Close to the Cabin

Make sure you park your vehicle as close to the cabin as possible in case you need to leave to address an emergency (such as at home or work). Position the car so you can head out immediately without taking up precious minutes to back out.

Keep the Cabin Clean

This may not seem like a safety tip, but a clean cabin is a danger-free zone. Wildlife can smell your cooking and food since you will be in the middle of the woods. While you may feed chipmunks and squirrels from your deck, remember these are snacks for wild animals. Keep the deck and the interior of the cabin clean so you don’t attract them.

Secure the Cabin with Locks

Secure your cabin with looks for complete peace of mind – your kids may venture outside when you are sleeping. Invest in high-quality locks for all entry points, including the windows. This includes deadbolt locks which will keep these secure. Lock everything when you leave the cabin as well.

Maintain Communication

Maintain a reliable form of communication while vacationing in a cabin in the woods in case of emergencies and to keep track of your family. Make sure your phone is charged, and you have a two-way radio just in case your phone gets busted during a hike or activity. Also, let your family know your whereabouts if you plan to go hiking solo.

Extinguish Campfires Completely

The main cause of wildfires is campfires that weren't extinguished properly. Strong winds can blow embers out of a buried ring into dry leaves and needles, leading to a conflagration. Prevent this by clearing a large area around the fire pit or campfire before building a fire and never leave it unattended. Keep plenty of water nearby in case you need to extinguish it fast.

Do not make a fire using cardboard, unseasoned wood, or newspapers. These can cause sparks that can fly into the foliage. If you see an unattended fire, put it out fast.

Book a Secure Cabin in the Woods from Rim Hideaway

A secure cabin in the woods at Rim Hideaway is just what you and your family need for a stress-free and rejuvenating vacation. All of our cabins are fully furnished and near fun activities. Contact us to book your stay today!

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