Planning on taking a cabin vacation in the great outdoors with the family? There are a number of ways you can keep them and yourselves entertained even with zero screen time!

Top Ways to Make an Outdoor Cabin Vacation Memorable 

Here are some ways you can have fun in nature with your family:

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

 View the world from the eyes of a child and you will never be bored. Create a nature scavenger hunt by creating a list of natural items you can find during a hike or walk. These can range from bird feathers, shapely leaves, funny looking rocks, insects, flowers etc. Print out the list with pictures beforehand especially for small kids who are visual learners.

Turn the activity into a fun game. The first one to find all of the items on their list wins! This is a great way to get some fresh air and help your children focus on their surroundings. Bring the bags they collect those items in at home for some sensory play and count pebbles as a fun way to learn math or create a collage with your kids. 

Go Fishing 

There are several great lakes and ponds near Rustic Rim Hideaway you can spend hours fishing on and bonding with family. Teach your children how to fish but make sure they have age-appropriate gear. This includes a fishing rod, bait and a whole lot of patience! 

Remember, the aim is not to catch fish as such even though it may be the highlight of the activity. Focus on teaching your kids the value of patience, a new skill and the bounties of nature. Even if you spend hours on the water with not even a nibble, the time will be well-spent.

Take Long Hikes

Besides going on a nature scavenger hunt, you can do a lot of other activities during a hike with your family. There are a number of hiking trails near Rustic Rim Hideaway suitable for young and older kids so you will be spoiled for choice. The activity takes little skill and is a fun way to make your family enjoy the outdoors. 

Make sure you are well prepared for the hike. Each adult or teenage family member should have their own backpack with essential items. This includes snacks, drinks, a map, sunscreen, matches, a first aid kit and anything else needed for a safe and comfortable hike. 

Take Nature Photos 

Whether you have a DSLR camera, the latest iPhone or Android phone, make the most of it by taking documentary-worthy pictures of nature. Involve your family in the activity by asking them to look up flowers that are in season in the area and search for particular ones during hikes or walks or while horseback riding. 

Don’t stop there. Take pictures of candid moments you can treasure for years to come. Your kids will be grown before you know it. These pictures can last a lifetime.

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