A cabin vacation is only as good as the items you bring with you. Plan ahead by creating a packing list for your nature retreat with the family so you remain comfortable.

Top Packing Essentials for a Cabin Vacation 

Whether you book a cabin in the summer, winter, fall or spring, pack these items in your suitcases for a fun and safe vacation in the woods:

A Flashlight with Extra Batteries 

A storm or any act of nature can take the power out, and it gets pitch black in the middle of the woods. Take a durable flashlight with you for safety. It will also be useful if you want to stargaze away from your cabin. Bring two, just in case you lose one or it breaks. 

A Portable Phone Charger 

Bring a portable smartphone charger with you. The outlets in the cabin may not be suitable for your charger. Plus, if your cabin runs out of power, you can remain safe, knowing you can call for help in an emergency. 


A cabin will have furniture but may not have toiletries. Bring essentials, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, conditioner and required medications. Go the extra mile by bringing wet wipes, toilet paper and hand sanitiser. 

Kitchen Supplies 

Take kitchen supplies on your cabin retreat if you prefer home-cooked meals to restaurant fare. This includes pans, pots, bowls, cups, silverware, and a cooler for perishable items. Also bring condiments, cooking oil and condiments for your food. If you plan on hunting, you can cook the meat on the outdoor grill, so bring barbecue supplies with you. 

A Pocket Knife 

A multi-tool Swiss Army knife or sharp pocket knife will prove invaluable when hiking or fishing during your cabin retreat. You can also use it to open food cans, collect wood for a fire, cut up bait and more. 

A First-Aid Kit 

There may not be a hospital for miles from your cabin retreat. Take a basic first-aid kit with you for your and your family's safety. You can find pre-packaged ones at your local pharmacy. These should contain standard bandages, anti-inflammatory medication, bug ointments and anticoagulants. Better to be safe than sorry. You can get injured on hikes, ski slopes, etc., even if you are a seasoned traveler. 

Water Bottles

Whether your cabin has running water or not, bring a water bottle. Fill it up before heading out so you remain hydrated during off-cabin adventures. You may not find a water source for miles in the middle of the woods. 

Make Your Nature Retreat Comfortable in a Cabin at Rustic Rim Hideaway 

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